On the 3rd of Feb 2011, MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, the political risk insurance arm of the World Bank) signed a collaboration agreement with KAFALAT SAL of Lebanon.

The purpose of the agreement is to facilitate the application process for MIGA’s investment guarantees for foreign businesses seeking to invest in Lebanon, and for Lebanese businesses seeking to invest in other MIGA member countries.


The agreement is mostly focused on investments that qualify for MIGA’s Small Investment Program (SIP), which covers investments of ten million US Dollars or less. For more information about SIP, click here.

Kafalat can guide an applicant through most of the underwriting process.

This includes:

- Guidance and completion of the preliminary and/or the definitive application forms.
- Working closely with MIGA to negotiate the best coverage.
- Coordination with all related parties through the underwriting process.
- No additional cost is charged.


Assistance can also be extended to applicants for MIGA’s regular guarantee program i.e. investments above ten million dollars, but this can only be for a more limited part of the underwriting process.

As a member of the World Bank Group, MIGA offers a range of benefits to investors seeking continuity for their projects. In addition to the assurance that losses will be recovered, MIGA’s insurance offers many benefits to investors and lenders including reduced borrowing costs, long tenors, access to reinsurance capacity, management of environmental and social risks, and more.

Please use this site for extra information and contact Kafalat for guidance and assistance.