Eligible MSEs

Approximately, 4,300 Lebanese MSEs, including self-employed, will benefit from the business recovery grants, out of which 30% are women-owned or -led. In addition, the B5 will aim to identify and support entrepreneurs and businesses who suffer, directly or indirectly, from a disability as a result of the blast. All sectors will benefit from grant support, including but not limited to Industry, food manufacturing, services, handicraft, IT hardware and software firms, professions, etc….

MSE Eligibility Criteria

  • Directly damaged by the explosion;
  • Located within 5 km radius from the Port of Beirut;
  • Have 20 or less employees registered with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF);
  • Either currently active or could resume viable activity if financing is secured; and
  • Has not received any previous financial support for the same needs.