Guarantees for Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises

4th International MENA Guarantee Forum - April 3 & 4, 2019

Kafalat SAL will host this year's International Forum for MENA Guarantee Institutions, an annual gathering of the guarantee institutions in the MENA region. This 4th edition will take place in Beirut... more

Kafalat SAL Celebrates the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion

On April 27 of each year, the Arab World celebrates Financial Inclusion. Financial Inclusion is the effort of making available all financial services to various segments of society, especially the... more

Kafalat at Beirut Energy Forum 2015 - From 9 To 11 September

Kafalat SAL will be participating in the International Beirut Energy Forum - 2015, at booth # 21. The Bieurt Energy Forum is an annualĀ meeting event for experts and stakeholdersĀ in Renewable Energy... more