Guarantees for Loans to Small and Medium Enterprises


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Kafalat Start-ups and Innovation Programme Overview

Please note that the Kafalat Start-ups and Innovation Programme is currently suspended.


Kafalat Start-ups and Innovation is the result of a partnership with the European Union and the Presidency of Council of Ministers to primarily serve the needs of innovative enterprises and start-ups in Lebanon. The fund will enable guaranteeing loans granted to highly innovative investments and conventional start-ups in 5 different sectors:

  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism,
  • High Technologies
  •  Crafts.

EU support enabled the extension of Kafalat's resources to increase the maximum loan amount to LBP 650 million. The value of the Kafalat approved loan will depend on these financial needs as justified in the business plan/feasibility study.

Name of the Programme

Kafalat Start-ups and Innovation

Investment Type

To finance Fixed Assets and Working Capital Needs

Maximum Loan Amount

LBP 650 Million or c/v in USD or EUR

Loan Duration

Up to 7 Years

Guarantee Ratio






Grace Period

Between six months and one year